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Status Report

It took a while but I'm pretty much up to date on this blog. I meet with John, the project manager every week. He is incredible. This week they finished roughing in all the plumbing, ran lines for the AC and we marked all the locations for electrical and low volt. Vents are all in now as well.

This week I turned in my hardware selections and we decided to remove the island. Once the walls were furred out, the space felt tight. We have room in the pantry for our small island and we still have a very large peninsula with seating so I feel comfortable with this decision. Just a reminder that once built, things differ slightly from the original plans. In the end, if we want to get a rolling cart we can, but I feel comfortable with the counter space we have.

This week I also finalized my tile selection. It's nothing crazy, but I'm excited for all the samples to come in so I can see them in the space and choose my grout. Also, one the ceiling lights for the boys room are on back order but they are a simple flush mount so they were easily replaced.

Next week when I meet with John I am turning in my details package. As the saying goes, God is in the details and when you are building a house with a builder documenting those details is a loose process. I'm trusting their method that sketches and inspiration images will be all they need. We shall see.

Walls furred out and tear sheets in place

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