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We have walls

The drywall went up this week. The house really has taken shape now that the walls are in place and you can't see through the wood studs. Even with the walls up we are so happy with how much natural light there is. I'm so happy we kept all of our windows on the southern exposure. Yes, if we would have removed them in the kitchen we could have done a fancier layout with a large range, but frankly I'm not a gourmet cook. It's usually crock pot or grill and rice cooker for us. Either way, I'd rather have natural light. I personally don't like a free suspended hood, I'd rather have the sight lines. So this limited our range options to one with a built in downdraft. We have always said we are building this home for us, not for the next owners, so if the next owners want to put in a 48" range, more power to them.

Hardwood was delivered this weekend and we meet to go over tile layouts tomorrow. Looks like we are keeping on schedule (and budget!)

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