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After hardly getting any snow in March, we've started out with a bit in April. Nothing that is slowing us down too much. This week the framers are finishing up some tasks like framing out the bathroom niches and adding a header or two. They framed out the ductwork in the basement, but we are having them do it with 1x4's to reduce the depth. In most the basement we have a good clearance but the ducts drop it down to 6'-2". If we switch to 1x4's we get about 1.25" back so it's worth it. Obviously it would be ideal to have more, but we do need to heat the house so it is what it is.

We passed the plumbing inspection so they are going to pour the concrete over the lines in the basement. They also did some brick repair to the columns on the porch and cast the capstones in concrete. We were going to buy pre-fab ones, but the company made an error and cast them so we will just use those.

The exterior siding is starting to go up as well. It isn't painted yet so you don't get the full effect, but it's nice to see the elevation come to life. We decided to go with a very simple beam like corbel. They are pausing for today because of the snow, but should be back at it later this week.

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