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Raise the roof

We signed up to work with a design/build firm and I knew I would be working with a designer. Although I was sure I could handle this myself, the idea of collaboration was exciting. I'd been away from a firm and really working independently for years. Just before we moved out we met with Redeux designer. I showed her what I wanted and she told me where they source. We selected all the cabinets and fireplace insert. Then I got a call that she was resigning. Not a problem, I knew I could handle it.

I met with the guys at Redeux and they gave me a spreadsheet and what I needed to select and by what date. I just chipped away at the list. First were the Lighting...Check, Countertops...Check, Plumbing Fixtures...Check. Normally when I design, I try to design for the entire space not just by category. Fortunately I had full design concept boards so I was able to adapt to their method. They had theirs broken down by phase and category relating to building. I spent January and February making these selections as they related to the foundation and framing.

At the same time more work was well underway at the house. Never do you feel it more than when you see the roof come off your home. Here are pictures of the process and the start of framing.

Picture of the house when we bought it

The shingles are removed

The roof is gone

Framing Begins

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