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Peeling the layers of the onion

We moved out the end of November. We sold off some items, but mostly packed 5 years worth of stuff into boxes and moved 2 miles away to a 2 bedroom apartment. I haven't lived in one location this long since high school so it was good to purge. That said, we have a LOT of stuff. We decided not to redo the garage at this point so we were able to use our garage as storage. We packed that garage up like a game of Tetris.

Early December, construction began. I went by the house and noticed something in the yard. As I got closer I saw it was the entirety of my kitchen on my lawn. At that point you say to yourself, there is really no turning back now.

These guys worked quick and there was a point where I wasn't allowed in the house as they were removing asbestos. I think that the images chronicle this best so I'm going to let some of the pictures do the talking here.

Dates Dec 1- January 2

Kitchen Before

Good bye kitchen

Living and Dining Before

Fireplace Before
Dining room deconstructed

Bathroom before

Down to just the tub


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